BrushinBella Founder Baby Feeding Set
BrushinBella Founder Baby Feeding Set
BrushinBella - Where every mom-owned business is a family!

About Us

BrushinBella is an emotional brand that connects people through its premium-quality products. We are here to make your lives easier by creating, testing, and offering baby products that are the best for your babies.
We know many different baby brands are offering many other products; however, being a mommy myself, I created BrushinBella with the parents’ perspective always in mind to make the best silicone baby products.
We at BrushinBella make a conscious effort to help parents choose exquisite quality over below-par products for their kids. Only a mom can understand her baby's emotional and physical needs, and BrushinBella is all about comprehending those needs and providing unique solutions.
Our brand aspires to be seen as the go-to brand for moms (and dads as well!) who never compromise on the quality of products they choose. Having that in mind, BrushinBella only creates environmentally friendly products using recyclable packages; we put a strong emphasis on keeping the planet safe as much as we can.
For us, it’s more than just products; through BrushinBella, we want to help parents create a more effortless and better world for our kids and future generations.