Baby Feeding Set

Ready to learn more about our Baby Feeding Set?

Here's How You Can Make Feeding Time The Happiest Part Of Your Baby's Day!

Looking for a baby bowl and spoon set for your infant?

Want to promote self-feeding but don't like cleaning up huge messes?

Being a parent of a messy eater myself, I have tried dozens of silicone baby dishes, silicone bibs, and baby utensils and bowls. And all of them had issues. When the suction was good, the plates were small and when the plates were decent, the suction did not work. That’s why I decided to combine the best aspects of each set and create our own baby bowl feeding set.

Introducing The BrushinBella Silicone Baby Feeding Set For Babies, Infants, And Toddlers!

Now you don't have to settle for cheaply-made baby food plates or low-quality infant spoons and bowls anymore. The BrushinBella baby-approved and mom-recommended all-inclusive baby eating set is here to take all the fuss out of feeding your little one.

3 Reasons Why Babies (And Their Parents) Love Our Suction Feeding Set:

❤️ 100% Silicone: our BPA-free, kid-safe silicone baby plates, spoons, and bibs contain zero fillers and will stick to any clean and smooth surface.

✅ Versatile Design: you can heat up or freeze your infant's food, re-heat it in the microwave, and once your baby is done, just slip your suction bowl into your dishwasher and press the button.

🎁 BONUS Travel Accessories: our baby feeding set comes with a handy travel compact snack cup as well as a self-feeding travel kit for munchies on the go!

Need More Reasons?

✔️ Ideal For Tiny Hands & Sensitive Gums

✔️ 4 Stunning Colors: Tiffany Blue, Violet Purple, Ocean Blue & Baby Pink

✔️ Great Baby Shower Gift IdeaWhat You Get:1 x Adjustable Silicone Bib1 x Suction Plate1 x Silicone Spoon1 x Self-Feeding Travel Kit1 x Snack CupClick "Shop" NOW & Make Your Life Easier!