When my daughter, Isabella, was born in 2018, as a parent, I was naturally concerned about the quality of products I’d buy for her. I always wanted the best products (I bet every parent does), but most of the time, I was unsatisfied with the quality I found in the market.
In 2019, I started creating, designing, and producing top-quality products for Isabella with my own hands. I wanted to help busy parents get through their hectic day-to-day activities and make their lives easier, as much as possible, of course!
As a single parent, I can’t remember how many plates, bowls, and spoons, I spent my money on, it was RIDICULOUS, and indeed every parent out there can relate to this.
That’s when BrushinBella’s first product, the Baby Feeding Set, was successfully launched. The brand is still growing every day, but the basic idea remains the same, designing high-quality, environmentally safe products that are helpful to all parents.
BrushinBella's product packages are recyclable and biodegradable, supporting less use of plastic in the world. We want to have your kids grow every day with us because every mommy-owned business is a family.

Our Story

Quality, not quantity